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Friday, 5 March 2010

Getting the SEO right in articles

Writing articles is a great tool to add to online marketing schemes. There is a specific way that a person should write articles for the purpose of marketing. Articles need to have keywords and the keywords (or key phrases) need to be written by using SEO (search engine optimization). Articles that are written properly will cause specific keywords to reach the top results in search engines, which is very important for a business based on the Internet. The reason that most people are using article marketing is so that there will be more traffic to a specific web site. These are the best tips on how to write articles and get your articles noticed.

1) SEO is the key concept about article writing. The keywords should be written within the content a certain number of times and the keywords should be placed in the article(s) in certain sections.

2) The Title: The title of articles will be the main keywords or key phrases.

3) The introduction, body, and conclusion will include the keywords and/or key phrases.

4) The keywords or key phrases can be placed in the beginning of the introduction or at the end of the introduction.

5) Once these words have been placed in a section of the introduction, try to mention the keywords or key phrases at least every 100 words from then on, till the end of the article.

6) Generally, keywords would be placed in the first sentence of the introduction, but some feel that the SEO works better if the words are placed at the end of the introduction, so this would mean that the introduction is only approximately 100 words in length.

7) Write naturally and do not concentrate on keywords too much, at first. After the article is written, it is easier to go back and edit it. When the article is edited, the keywords and where they have been placed can be changed so that they line up every 100 words or so. Try to keep the amount of words in between the keywords as close to the same number as possible. For example, if the keywords are every 110 words from the others, try to keep them at that distance throughout the entire article(s).

8) A keyword density tool is a great thing to have so that you can check your keyword density. It will depend on what you want the articles and keywords to do with the search engines on what the percentage of keyword density each article has. Most people who use article writing for marketing purposes prefer a 2-3% keyword density for each article.

9) The articles will be written about what your content is about. Whatever web site you want traffic to go to is the chosen topic. That topic will turn into keywords or key phrases used in the article writing.

These are the best tips on how to write articles and get your articles noticed. Ultimately, when keywords are placed within the text of articles enough times, these keywords can still be picked up by search engines and this will allow Internet searchers to find search results with these keywords in them, but if the keywords are used too often (too high of a keyword density percentage), this can backfire for the SEO strategies. Search engines find keywords and keep them at the top. Search engines also find keywords and send them to the bottom of the list or some keywords (articles, web sites, and blogs) can be deleted from search engines if the keywords are over used. A great way to test out this tip is:

Sign up for a free blog web site and write some blogs and then look at the ads that are placed on the blog pages to see if the ads match the keywords you use (what the blogs are about). If the ads match the keywords and blog titles, then the SEO article writing tips listed here have worked for you and you have grasped the concept of how to write articles and use SEO for marketing web sites.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to Spark Attention Through Video Marketing

Online video has been around for over five years. However, there has been a recent push to get more and more people involved in marketing through online video. Video marketing is best done through online video sharing websites. Youtube, Revver, and Meta Cafe are all excellent places to share videos.While online video might seem like something that is easy enough to do, it can be difficult. Many people who start out with video marketing find it too confusing to understand and give up. Here are five tips that you can use to make sure that you succeed in your marketing efforts.

Don’t forget before you start have a practice so you don’t get lost half way through make sure you have an opening with who you are what the video is about and what you are going to give them from the video, right here are some other good tips to get you noticed.

The first tip that you should use in your video marketing is to keep it simple. People love being able to just watch and not think. Give them the information simply.

A second tip that you should use in your video marketing is to shock and wow. While people love the information being presented simply, they also love a lot of visual effects and bright colours. Dazzle their eyes with the information!

Thirdly, this tip is something that you should always use in your video marketing, is to include a link to your website in the video. How are people going to know where to find more about you without a link? If you cannot include it within the video itself, include it in the description next to it, as many people do in Youtube.

Fourth you should always try to upload your video to as many video sharing sites as possible. The more sites you upload it to, or distribute it to, the more traffic you will have flowing to your videos and to your website.

Fifthly, have fun! Videos should be fun, and exciting. There is nothing more boring than watching a thirty second video that just tells me the message. Get creative, but still make sure to get the message across.

You can do it!Video marketing is able to attract so many more people. There are trillions of indexed web pages out there. However, there are only billions of videos. With a correctly marketed video that is genuinely unique, you have the possibility of hitting it off big! Do not wait around to get involved in video marketing, market your product or service with videos today!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

How to Build an Opt-In List and Make Money

An opt-in list of customers is marketing gold for a business, and an almost guaranteed method of making money each time an email is sent. If you have such a list, you can keep your company in front of your customers, and keep them reminded that you're there ready to provide what they need. It's one of the easiest and least expensive methods of marketing online. So how do you get one of these golden lists?You'll need an auto responder to do it effectively. An auto responder automatically adds emails to the list, and sends emails automatically. A quality auto responder service will allow you to set up emails several days, weeks or months in advance to have marketing messages and information sent automatically, making it a turnkey way to get your message in front of each new list member. Avoid free services, because they look unprofessional and will contain advertising. Don't let that distract your customers from your message. Once you've got the auto responder set up and you've written at least the welcome email, how do you get your customers to opt-in? Few will join a list just because it's there. You need to offer something of value to your customers. Here are 5 great ways to build a money-making opt-in list.

1. Offer a free "secret" tip. For instance, if your site's about fast cars, offer a "secret" engine-tweaking tip to people who sign up.

2. Offer an ebook that answers questions your customers have. This does double-duty, because they'll not only sign up for the list, but you'll be able to market to them through the ebook. A site about roses might offer an ebook filled with rose growing tips, with links that lead to products on the site, for instance.
You can get ebooks from plr sites just make sure that the ebook or product you buy has give away rights.

3. Offer a discount on a product or service to people who sign up for the list, or offer an entirely free gift of some sort.

4. Promise people who opt in a first look at an upcoming product or an early bird bargain before other customers.

5. One of the best ways to get sign-ups is to offer an email course. Create a short, informational course and set your auto responder to send the first lesson when someone signs up, with instalments coming at least a day apart after that.

Offer your customers something of value to them, and you'll have a targeted money-making list that can help you drastically increase your sales and profits.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Invaluable Tips on how to Create a Squeeze Page People Just Can’t Click Away From

A squeeze page or capture page is a web page that exists with the purpose of converting visitors into subscribers. Internet marketers know that in order to be successful they have to focus on building an email mailing list. A website visitor may not buy right away but if you have their email address you are assured of further opportunities to market to them. The key to successful list building is a good capture page.You can measure the success of your squeeze page by determining your page’s conversion rate i.e. how many visitors signed-up compared to the total number of visitors. Here are some invaluable tips for creating a squeeze page that people won’t click away from:• You need to realize that people are not going to give away their email address easily. You are going to have to provide them with a very good reason to do so. This is why your squeeze page headline is so important. This is the first thing a visitor will see so it has to be written in such a way that it will capture the attention of your reader quickly. Your visitors want to know what’s in it for them and your headline should spell this out clearly.• You should keep your squeeze pages simple yet compelling. Steer away from filling your squeeze page with advertisements, flash graphics or external links. These elements only divert the visitor’s attention from the main goal and that is getting them to sign-up. • The content of your page should be focused on the benefits of signing-up to your list. A bulleted list of clearly stated benefits is the best way to do this. You want your visitors to be clear about what they will receive in return for signing-up to your list. • You can achieve a higher conversion rate by including video or audio in your capture page. A good video can capture your visitor’s attention far more effectively than plain text. It is more effective than text because it offers a more personal approach and allows you to condense a long message into a few minutes.• A website visitor may not sign-up if you ask for too much information in your opt-in form. Keep it simple! A name and email address is sufficient to accomplish your goal. Your squeeze page is working if it converts most of your visitors to subscribers. Of course, you won’t know if you aren’t measuring your page’s conversion rates so don’t forget this important step!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

5 Invaluable Tips On Blogging to Rank Your Website High on Google

Blog sites were created for many reasons and you can create as many as you want. I have two blogs, one for my writing exploits, the other for my affiliate business and my products that I sell on a regular basis. I use SEO strategies for my niche marketing products so that I can get high ranking on the search engines to lure more traffic to my site thus more potential profit. I have 5 tips on blogging to get your website ranked high on the search engines. Follow these and you should have no trouble turning profit. 1. LinkingYou need to have a blog that have links coming into as many pages as possible that has unique written articles that serve your products and services. You will be able to tell if this is true by the number of visitors that search not only your home page but the other pages of your website looking for your great content. Using long tailed words in your keywords will get users to come look over your site for decent content that will be useful to them and will help you sell your product and services in the long run. 2. Internal Linking By using link exchanges you will not only get links to your inside pages from other blobs and websites, but you can link to your pages inside your blog. When visitors click your link in your content it will not only keep them on the site longer, but also allow Google's content spider to index your blog at a better rate. It will also let me pick the anchor content for the link to the internal page. That then will let me rank the keywords I am shooting for. 3. Article Exchange Article exchanges allow you to trade articles with other blogs or websites. If you trade with similar blogs or websites that have the same product or service in mind then that is very useful to you. You now have fresh content on your blog from another website of similar products or services. For example if you advertise for a travel agency and you obtain content for your blog from another travel agency website or blog then you will improve your ranking because of the new fresh unique content. This is very advantageous for you and it is a very simple process. 4. Write Your Key Search Terms In TextType out your long tailed keyword and maybe include a keyword description to go along with your text title. When the search engines are crawling your site this will make it more attractive and rank high with Google, Yahoo, or MSN. 5. Article Directories Article directories allow other websites to take your articles you have written for them for free. This allows you not only free advertising on their websites but also further advances your ranking in the search engines by creating back links to your blog or website. This is really about making it easier for search engines to find your site. The more users on your site the better chances for you to make a buck.Conclusion these are 5 great tips that will increase your chances of advancing to the first page on the search engines. They are very sound and grounded strategies that when used properly will get your products and services seen on a regular basis. You will then have a great chance of being rewarded for your hard work with great sales and more profit. See you at the top

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How to make money with face book

Over the past 6 years, Facebook has grown to become one of the most popular social networks the internet has ever seen. Currently, there are over 400 million active users, and statistics show that the average number of friends each user has is approximately 140. With these numbers, it is easy to see how a person can reach a multitude of people with a click of a button. With the ability to access this number of people through a social network, it is easy to see the possibility to make money. There are actually many different ways to make money with Facebook, so I will take this opportunity and go over five of the different possibilities. Please note that the tips I am giving you are the simplest ways to make money.

1. If you are a computer programmer and are interested in writing web applications for people, take this opportunity to strike gold. Many people are looking for web applications that will make their web surfing easier. If you can write a program that gives users the ability to shorten their time spent online, here is a market for you. And what is really cool, is that when one person ads your apps all their friends see it.

2. Websites such as Amazon, Ebay, and Google are now offering people the ability to make extra money by posting their ads on your web pages. When a person clicks on the ads provided by these different companies, you get paid per click and you get a percentage of what a user spends on their web sites.

3. Now you can sell your personal stuff on Facebook with just a click of a button. There are many applications which will allow you to post pictures and descriptions of what it is that you want to sell. These applications make it available to all your friends and your friend's friends.

4. Facebook allows you the possibility of marketing yourself as a celebrity. Currently there are many people who have contacted to participate in advertising and even Hollywood movies. Remember millions of users can see you, show them what you got.

5. Marketing research is now being offered to Facebook members. The reason for this is developers are looking for people's opinions on what sells. If you want to express your opinion and get paid, here is your chance.

The reasons why you should use articles to promote your business

An effective way of promoting your business is by writing a series of articles, a process also known as article marketing. These articles should be written in topics relevant to the business rather than aiming to publicize the actual business itself. Here are some reasons why you should write articles to promote your business.

Firstly, it would be one of the fastest ways for you to spread the word to many who are interested in what your business or website has to offer. This form of advertising bears no geographical boundaries and is catered to reach a larger proportion of your target audience through the Internet very quickly and efficiently. It is only those who are seeking more information about what you have to offer that comes to read your article in the first place. Providing them with a link to your business or website at the resource box gives them an additional resource. When your link is provided on your articles that get submitted to many submission sites, they gain the views of thousands of interested readers who may then visit your website or refer you to their peers. You then successfully promote your business online.

One of the best ways for a business to reach more online viewers is to have a high search engine ranking and appear on the first page of search engine results. An effective SEO technique of ensuring this would be to have many relevant links enter and exit their website. Having many articles across many submission sites would ensure that there are several quality incoming links for their website and thus making it search engine friendly. This would raise their position in search results and thus ensuring that they are easily noticed by users who want what the business has to offer. Also some articles site provide syndication services where your articles get published on other sites, thus making your site more search engine friendly and gain popularity for your business.

Article marketing also displays your level of knowledge in the field of your business and authenticates that you are a reliable expert in the field that you are writing about. By being published, you and your business would gain the trust of your customers and thus would promote your business further.

Article marketing could also result in your readers creating a connection between themselves and your business, and thus result in them choosing your business over competitors. These articles could make them more assured and confident to make the purchase from your website.